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Ensure seamless and uninterrupted operation of your Salesforce instance with Dean Infotech’s Salesforce Production Support. Our dedicated team of Salesforce experts provides comprehensive support to maintain the stability and performance of your CRM system. We handle everything from routine maintenance and updates to troubleshooting and resolving issues promptly, ensuring that your Salesforce environment is always optimized for peak performance. This enables your business to avoid downtime, enhance productivity, and deliver a superior customer experience consistently.

With Dean Infotech’s Salesforce Production Support, you benefit from proactive monitoring, timely issue resolution, and continuous system improvements. Our services are designed to adapt to your specific business needs, offering scalable solutions that grow with your organization. By entrusting us with the health and functionality of your Salesforce instance, you can focus on strategic initiatives and business growth while we ensure your CRM system operates smoothly and efficiently, driving operational excellence and long-term success.

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Our Comprehensive Salesforce Technical Support Services

We offer professional support for all aspects of Salesforce production support, including administration and development. Our dedicated teams are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to assist you.

24/7 Help Desk: You can get instant assistance via phone, chat, email, and dedicated IT service desk.

Our support team is available throughout the day. With our Salesforce advanced administrator capabilities, we can support our clients with technical assistance. Our Salesforce delegated administration team helps Salesforce users identify technical glitches and troubleshoot all sorts of issues like a pro.

Our sales, marketing, and service teams have optimised data so that they can arrive at intelligent insights. Our Salesforce database administrators and business analysts handle every aspect of account management including maintaining consistency, integrity, deduplication, and security of records. We monitor all stages in the ETL process.

We specialise in creating customised dashboards and reports so that our clients can be helped with measuring Salesforce KPIs against the defined metrics and business goals. We monitor critical data and fuel business with actionable insights that help them make informed decisions.

Our Salesforce delegated administrator services include smooth CRM enablement and frictionless user adoption. We use admin resources for training the teams on implementation and we conduct rounds of sessions. We help our clients’ teams adopt the newly implemented instances while also keeping them up to date with future enhancements.

Based on the budget and intensity of admins required, we provide Salesforce admin services for database and system administration. We also help companies hire Salesforce administrators as per the brand’s specific business needs.

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Enhanced Security

We ensure your Salesforce org is configured with robust security protocols, including user permission controls, data access restrictions, and secure backup procedures, safeguarding your sensitive business information.

Data Management Mastery

Our specialists are experts in data import/export, data cleansing, and maintaining data integrity within your Salesforce org. This translates to cleaner, more reliable data for better decision-making.

Integration Smoothness

We have the knowledge to troubleshoot and maintain integrations between Salesforce and your other applications, guaranteeing seamless data flow across your entire ecosystem.

Automated Efficiency

Our team understands how to design and implement powerful workflows to automate repetitive tasks and streamline your business processes, freeing up your team's time for more strategic initiatives.

Data-Driven Decisions

We empower you to leverage Salesforce data for better decision-making by creating reports and dashboards that provide valuable insights into sales performance and customer behavior.

Benifits of CPQ

Custom Functionality

Our Apex and Visualforce expertise allows us to troubleshoot custom code, create functionalities, and ensure your customizations align with Salesforce best practices, maximizing the value you get from your unique configurations.

Smooth Transitions

We understand the importance of change management. Our team will help you plan and execute new features or configurations flawlessly, minimizing disruption to your users and ensuring a smooth transition.

Optimal Performance

We can identify performance bottlenecks, optimize configurations, and monitor system health to keep your Salesforce org running smoothly and efficiently, ensuring a positive user experience and fast data processing speeds.

Sandbox Savvy

Our team understands how to leverage sandboxes and version control systems to create isolated testing environments, track changes, and prevent accidental deployment of issues to your live environment, protecting the integrity of your production data.

API Advantage

Our API knowledge allows us to automate tasks, integrate with external systems, and build custom solutions to extend Salesforce functionality beyond its built-in features, helping you achieve exactly what you need from your CRM platform.

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