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Increase Your Revenue With the Salesforce Marketing & Pardot Automation Solution

Marketing Cloud and Pardot are both marketing automation software by Salesforce. Both have their own benefits, making it difficult to choose between them. Marketing Cloud Salesforce and Pardot have been launched in the year 2013 and by the year 2022, more than 37,000 companies have integrated Pardot with Salesforce and more than 22,000 businesses have used Marketing Cloud. Pardot works for the B2B (business-to-business) segment, whereas, the Marketing Cloud is perfect for the B2C (business-to-consumer) segment. Marketing Cloud applies more to retail, travel, and other industries, but Pardot remains non-specific.

Dean Info Tech has a team of Salesforce Marketing Cloud Consultants and Salesforce certified Pardot consultants to help you with the right marketing automation solution. We offer technological solutions for both as these are developed with the facilitation of marketing management in mind but with a different approach. However, with the automation studio marketing cloud, your advertising efforts are paid back in spades.

Pardot provides better alignment orientation of effort through funnels as well as the score for the B2B teams. It is also triggered based on the completion status of activities. On the other hand, the Salesforce Marketing Cloud is suited for one-on-one customer journeys. The two don’t directly compete in terms of their intended audience and thus our consultants provide both.

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How Salesforce marketing automation helps your business?

Be it Marcloud consulting or Pardot consulting services, our main aim is to improve lead generation, nurture, score, and measure the overall ROI on campaigns. We manage your social media presence and also create custom templates from scratch to achieve better results. Being your Pardot implementation partner, we set up email promotions and launch digital advertising campaigns. In addition to it, we create, publish and distribute content. Our Pardot consultant analysis helps in marketing data, trends, and KPIs.

Our Marketing Cloud consultant Salesforce will deliver content and messages to customers through email, SMS, social networks as well as digital advertising platforms. The coordination of communication and collaboration within the team and outside the organization is excellent. Moreover, our Marketing Cloud consultant makes sure to monitor the customer journey across multiple communication channels.

Our Salesforce Pardot consultant can help you out with AI-powered insights to drive optimizations. Dean Infotech is a one-stop platform for monitoring and managing data, investments, and KPIs. We offer our customers Marketing Cloud help. You can contact us for Salesforce Marketing Cloud pricing.

The common elements offered by both Pardot and Marketing Cloud:
  • Email Campaigns
  • Marketing Automation
  • Campaign Automation
  • Segmentation
  • Dynamic Lists
  • Content Personalization
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The Client, An Online learning platform that provides courses on cloud computing so that the users could qualify the certification exams of Google and Microsoft, wanted to increase their market and generate more revenue and leads. They needed a solution so that they could better understand the marketing activities and manage their user data in a better way.After discussing the project with the client, Dean Infotech suggested setting up a combined Salesforce Sales Cloud and Marketing Cloud by implementing the communication template and mapping the customer’s data amongst the pre existing platform by launching the sales cloud. We looked for the areas and installed a case management function that could help them separate leads and cases assigned to all the appropriate teams via a queuing system.

We also installed automated email answers, a single-view case management function, and a dashboard that helped them keep a track of sales transactions. Following this we introduced the Marketing Cloud that targeted the email campaigns so that it could prove more productive by utilizing data coming from the sales.By implementing all the samples, the client was able to gather leads information and automated marketing activities that were based on the customer's journey making them quicker and more effective in their teamwork by managing the team gaps.


Better Salesforce Bigger Possibilities

At DEANINFOTECH, we provide Salesforce Marketing Cloud & Pardot Solutions that provide services for digital marketing automation to enable solution that manages your social media, email, mobile, site personalisation, advertisement, content production and keeps a track on user’s journey making it easier for you to analysis data at one place.

The predictive data analytics feature enables the user to make better judgements in terms of the current market trends and build an ideal journey throughout.

Why need the Salesforce Marketing Cloud & Pardot Solutions?

Salesforce has developed the Salesforce Marketing Cloud and Pardot Solutions which proves itself a powerful personalized engine that helps in the automation of the technologies to synchronize marketing and sales across all the digital channels. It empowers the client to boost all the targeted areas of the market and boost revenue. Check out the major benefits of salesforce sales cloud service:

Better leads

Marketing Cloud analyzes data from customer past behaviors and generates smarter leads that help users realize their goals according to their project requirements.

AI Driven

Salesforce uses Einstein technology that provides a number of applications in the Marketing Cloud that is capable of covering all the areas of engagement, time optimization increasing the engagement frequency and personalized experience.

Audience Engagement

Using the capabilities of the Marketing Cloud it provides a complete picture of all the customers and makes it easier for the clients building a business customer driven.

Integration Potential

Features like REST API and SOAP API greatly enhance the integration potential of Salesforce Marketing Cloud thus boosting the contact information in the SFMC.