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Salesforce API Integration Services

API Salesforce integration is a software mediator, which permits two apps to communicate with each other. This brings flexibility in data manipulation and allows one to create, delete or update records in Salesforce from an eternal program. With Salesforce API integration, it is possible to develop a wide range of functionality on its platform and offer the ability to connect and interact with cloud services. The main advantage is that the users need not manually enter the same data in 2 different apps. Salesforce API integration transfers information between Salesforce and the desired destination, helping in saving time as well as effort for the employees.

API Salesforce integration helps in reducing errors that occur due to human involvement. With the Salesforce APIs, you only need to insert data once and leave it for the program to do the rest. The APIs allow you to connect to different solutions, including e-commerce, EPR, and accounting software. In addition to it, the APIs help the sales team collect information about their consumers and work within the broader organization. In this way, it becomes easy to use the API to gain experience and streamline the processes.

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Unleash the Power of Salesforce API Integration

Dean Infotech specializes in providing APIs for new and legacy enterprise applications. Our APIs facilitate access to the application data, functionality, business logic as well as web services. We provide Salesforce CRM API integration for your organization to streamline the business process. Our team of experts provides you company strategic API Gateway management solutions for high scalable SaaS products and comprehensively secure API with security standards. Salesforce API integration trailhead guarantees a seamless digital transformation to help your business.

The consultants at Dean Infotech also offer Salesforce REST API integration. It is a set of architectural principles that provides all kinds of Salesforce functionality throughout HTTP methods and REST resources. Salesforce integration using REST API has a response structure and is easy to use. Furthermore, it is indispensable in the context of mobile and web app development, the Internet of Things (IoT), and serverless computing.

How we help you transform your digital business:
  • Build connected experiences faster
  • Integrate your back office with ease
  • Future-proof Salesforce integrations
  • Create a stable customer experience
  • Build an architecture for the future
  • sync-up data with your target application
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The Client, A software company that aims on keeping a track on big data and makes it available to organizations so that they could derive insights. The company used cloud technologies like salesforce and more to carry out their sales. For managing the flow of data within their system they relied on extraction, transformation and loading tools like ETL but that tool proved inefficient and could not manage to meet the demands of the company's goal to become a 100% cloud platform.

After discussing the problem with the client we got an in depth insight of the situation and came out with installed a platform that provided our client with an inbuilt IED, hosted web services and service orchestration. This made possible the sync of 100+ connections including salesforce in addition to an SDK. With the help of our developer assistance and integrated technologies our client was able to easily base their developments.As a result, all the mesh was cleared and our client was able to complete about 1000 transactions over a period of 6 months by reducing the time for the transaction from minutes to second.


Better Salesforce Bigger Possibilities

At DEANINFOTECH, we provide Salesforce API Integration services that enable your business access data or software from a different source thus delivering extensive improvements to your own business without any waste of time, money or resources. Using our expertise and understanding of the Salesforce, we deliver a professional service that helps you really make the most of this powerful platform.

Why need Salesforce API Integration?

The world’s number 1 Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform - Salesforce is cloud-based software with an approach to manage all interactions with your customers and prospects. With an approach to improve consumer experience API can enhance internal procedures and help businesses discover its hidden value by making the platform’s core available as an API. Check out our salesforce services and get started:

Easy Upgradation

Eliminates the pain of manual coding for such intricate connections and helps you keep up with the latest technologies.

Wider Reach

Allows to easily access the data mass and enables business to easily establish scalable and adaptable applications.


Tools like visual debugger, auto testing and reusable assets reduces the chance of error and eliminates post-production remedial expense.

Future Ready

By implementing the Hybrid integration platform API-led connectivity the businesses can rewrite their programes or acquire new technologies that will help position your success in future.