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Grow & Thrive With Salesforce Classic To Lightning Migration

Salesforce Lightning Experience represents a massive leap forward in CRM capabilities. With AI-driven insights, increased productivity features, and robust app development tools, Lightning enables businesses to maximize their Salesforce investment. However, transitioning from Salesforce Classic to Lightning is complex. It requires meticulous planning and expert guidance to migrate data securely while minimizing disruption.

As a Salesforce Consulting Partner, we have unmatched expertise in Lightning migrations. We take a tailored, user-centric approach based on your unique business needs. We thoroughly assess your Salesforce ecosystem and business goals to architect an optimal migration plan. Leveraging Salesforce best practices, we meticulously migrate your data, apps, and workflows to Lightning with minimal downtime. Our team will thoroughly test all components pre and post-migration to ensure full functionality, data integrity, and a smooth user experience.

With us as your migration partner, you can transform your digital operations with Salesforce Lightning quickly, seamlessly, and with full confidence. Our layered approach means we architect the optimal migration roadmap for your organization’s specific goals. Unlock the full capabilities of Salesforce through a proven migration process optimized for your success. Partner with us to maximize productivity and accelerate growth with Salesforce Lightning Experience.

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Accelerating Business Agility and Productivity with Salesforce Lightning Migration

Salesforce Classic To Lightning Migration Services

Experience greater efficiency and flexibility with our Salesforce Lightning Migration services. Allow your business to simplify processes, improve the user experience, and grow faster. We will help your company make a smooth shift to Lightning’s advanced capabilities. Begin unlocking your complete potential now!

Our Lightning experts provide in-depth guidance on the comprehensive migration strategy - assessing readiness, defining solutions, prioritizing components for phased rollout, and planning training and post go-live enhancements. We help design the optimal path to leverage the full capabilities of the Lightning platform quickly and cost-effectively.

We ensure your customizations and workflows deliver an immersive, responsive and consistent end-user experience across browsers and devices including desktop, mobile and tablets. Latest UX best practices are incorporated for improved usability, productivity and adoption of the Lightning platform.

Our Solution Architects help streamline and automate your business processes, approvals and workflows to speed up task completion leveraging intelligent process automation capabilities of the Lightning workflow builder and Flow tool. We ensure frictionless processes during system migration.

We specialize in custom Lightning component development to fulfill unique functional needs not available out-of-the-box. Certified Salesforce developers adept at Lightning framework harness declarative tools and programming models to deliver components enhancing usability and productivity.

Seamlessly migrate your org’s custom apex classes, visual force pages, trigger logic, Lightning components, and other UI customizations from Classic to Lightning while optimizing their performance. We ensure cost efficiency by reusing existing assets appropriately.

End-to-end support for full migration of application functionality, configuration, historical data and customizations from Classic to Lightning leveraging Salesforce APIs and best practices. Our solution minimizes disruptions allowing phase-wise transition to the new Lightning system with no loss of existing capability.

Transformative Benefits of Salesforce Classic to Lightning Migration

Accelerate Your Business Growth with Classic To Lightning Migration

Improved User Experience

More intuitive and user-friendly interface increasing employee productivity and platform adoption across roles and devices. Unlocks greater business agility by aligning workflows to individual working styles.

Enhanced Collaboration

Lightning facilitates seamless collaboration across distributed teams, departments and office locations increasing engagement. Aligns distributed teams better by breaking down information silos.

Flexible Customization

Lightning platform provides much greater flexibility for customization to streamline workflows and support unique business needs not fulfillable through out-of-the-box functionality.

Faster Performance

Lightning delivers a more responsive user interface with quicker load times and lag-free navigation. Users can get more done faster spending less time waiting for screens to load.

Latest Innovations

Lightning unlocks the latest Salesforce capabilities like AI, advanced analytics and platform integrations not available on legacy Classic platform. Continued leverage of cutting-edge innovations.

Benifits of CPQ

Mobile and Desktop Parity

Consistent, unified experience across smartphones, tablets and desktop unlike fragmented Classic versions. Enables complete workforce mobility by extending full CRM capabilities to the field.

Declarative Development

Business users can automate workflows or create components without code using Lightning Experience. Empowers both admins and less technical roles to build solutions tailored to business needs.

Intelligent Insights

360° customer visibility combining CRM information with external data for smarter and faster data-driven decisions powered by Lightning analytics.

Seamless Upgrades

Regular feature additions and fixes on Lightning through automated painless upgrades unlike Classic. No expensive version lock-ins means lower TCO.

Future Proof

Lightning aligns the org with Salesforce’s long term product vision and roadmap guaranteeing continued relevance. Embrace innovation for lasting ROI from the platform.

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