Real Estate Customer Journey Mapping with Salesforce

December 28, 2023

Immerse yourself in the realm of real estate customer journey mapping with Salesforce! Catch a glimpse of our exclusive on-demand webinar summary featuring Nilesh Shende, an expert in leveraging Salesforce for optimizing the buyer's journey. Whether you're a real estate professional, Salesforce enthusiast, or someone keen on enhancing customer experiences, this recap is your guide to unlocking valuable insights.


Step into the recap of our insightful webinar with Nilesh Shende, where we delved into the intricacies of understanding and optimizing the buyer's journey in the real estate landscape. From leveraging Salesforce for customer journey mapping to implementing personalized strategies at every touchpoint, this summary is a treasure trove of actionable strategies.

Basic Details of the Topic:

Duration: Approximately 90 minutes

Topics Covered in the Webinar:

  • Understanding the nuances of the buyer's journey in the real estate context.
  • Leveraging Salesforce for customer journey mapping and analysis.
  • Implementing personalization strategies at every touchpoint.
  • Anticipating buyer needs and enhancing overall customer experiences.
  • Navigating the buyer's journey seamlessly with Salesforce.

Benefits of the Webinar:

  • Gain insights into optimizing the buyer's journey in the real estate industry.
  • Learn practical strategies for leveraging Salesforce in customer journey mapping.
  • Implement personalized approaches at various touchpoints for enhanced engagement.
  • Anticipate and meet buyer needs to elevate overall customer experiences.

About the Speaker - Nilesh Shende:

Nilesh Shende, our expert speaker, is a seasoned professional in leveraging Salesforce for customer journey mapping and analysis. His valuable insights into personalization strategies have transformed approaches to customer engagement.

About Dean Infotech:

Dean Infotech is a leading provider of innovative digital solutions, committed to empowering businesses with cutting-edge technology services.


In conclusion, our on-demand webinar summary with Nilesh Shende is your gateway to elevating real estate experiences through Salesforce. Whether you're deeply entrenched in the real estate industry or a tech enthusiast, the insights shared in this recap provide a valuable resource. Don't miss the chance to stay ahead in customer engagement and subscribe to our channel for more insights and upcoming webinars. Join us now and transform your approach to customer journey mapping in the dynamic real estate landscape! 🌐🏡

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