What Do You Think is The Best Way To Design a Website – UX or UI Design?

Dean InfotechDean Infotech Monday, September 23, 2019
What Do You Think is The Best Way To Design a Website UX or UI Design?

User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) design are the terms which people usually get confused in. Let me give you a simple example: All of us might have visited a restaurant once in our life. The very first thing we all notice is the ambiance and interior (which is UI side) and next thing is the how they serve, how does the food tastes and what is our level of satisfaction (This is the UX part).

By this example, you can come to a conclusion that everything that is visual or graphical and can be seen by our naked eyes is the UI design and the technical part that provides satisfaction to the user is the UX design. Both elements are crucial to a product and they work closely together. Let’s get into a more detailed contrast of both.

Usefulness VS Beauty

UX designer does a competitive analysis, develops personas and at last develop a product that will be valuable to the targeted customer. This product is then prototyped and tested by responsive website Design Company, where the role of UI designer comes in making the product look pleasing. Setting up a theme, choosing the color scheme, clip arts, text and providing a personal touch is what the UI designer does. They create a visual hierarchy to highlight the main objective of the product.

Goal accomplishment VS Emotional Connection

When someone visits your site there is a goal or requirement in their mind which they wish to accomplish. UX’s work is to study the mindset by observing people, interviewing them, making a prototype and do a bit of testing. On the other hand, UI design will make sure that they build a connection with the user coming on the site through its interactive design. A strong emotional build will attract more users.

First Vs Second

Usually, UX design is the first step while building a website or application. It validates the initial product idea and ensures a great development of the product. After going through various integrations the UI designer gets to the front on visual designing and micro-interactions. Although this series in not final sometimes it may also be reversed depending on the requirement of the project.

We can sum up by saying that both UX and UI design are an important factor in designing and work hand in hand. Together they aim at accomplishing a single goal through different means and functionality. They create an interactive user interface that satisfies the condition a company as well as the client.

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