ReactJS vs Angular JS – Which is best and secure for Development?

Dean InfotechDean Infotech Thursday, November 21, 2019

Building a website is no more a difficult task these days but what the challenging part is choosing an appropriate framework for this purpose. Angular JS and React JS are rivals of this league. Angular JS developed by Google was released in 2009 is best suited for building dynamic single page applications. On the other hand React JS developed by Facebook was released in 2013 brought new innovations to view the component of the Model View Controller (MVC) architecture. There are a lot of differences between the two; the first and foremost point is that former is a framework while latter is a library. Let us now explore more about both the technologies.

Angular JS being a Comprehensive Javascript framework is a complete package that comes with the advantage of Angular Directives, Dependency injection, Two-way data binding, a tempting engine and On-board form validation.

These are the assets which work individually and provide convenience to the programmers as it reduces the programming overhead involved and speeds up development time. As it is a flexible framework it can be compatible with any technology which adds yet another point to its account making it a better choice over React JS.

Contrary to it React JS is an open-source Javascript Library for rendering views. It does not work on Model View and Controller instead it renders only the views. Virtual Dom is one aspect of React Js which is used for increased performance by writing out a full render virtually, and then checking the difference between virtual render and what’s actually on the DOM. Here Java Script and HTML can work together as it uses JSX file to write views sometime. React is apt choice when a user has lots of dynamic content changing within the view.

Coming on to a conclusion is quite difficult as both Angular JS and React JS have entirely different approaches and serve distinct purpose. But most of the time Developers choose Angular JS as it a complete and comprehensive framework that will help them run their website quickly. Although React has better performance than Angular due to the implementation of virtual DOM, despite that Angular JS is preferred by a larger community.

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