Myths about Content Management System (CMS) – All That You Should Not Miss To Know!

Dean InfotechDean Infotech Monday, August 19, 2019

Designing and developing a website is not a child’s play, there are many decisions that you need to take. The first challenge is whether to opt for a Content Management system (CMS) or go for a hand coding. Earlier hand-coding was the only option but it has been more than 20 years that CMS has had a profound impact on the way content is published and edited. There are a lot of myths associated with opting Content Management System (CMS) for building a website. Let us unfold these myths today for making the right choice tomorrow.

  • CMS is mainly for blogs- The very first thing that strikes when we hear about CMS is that “It is mainly used for scheduling blog posts”, Well this is not the case. It can be used for various other purposes including creating printed or digital manuals, collaborating on documents, and translation of content to different language. In fact, many CMSs come with wide range of tools to tailor your project according to the need.

  • CMS remains constant-Since the content keep on changing so is the CMS. It also has to keep on updating as per the trends of the modern media. If you have a CMS which remains stagnant and is unable to address your requirements then, my dear, you are using the wrong version.

  • Long learning process- Many people avoid using CMS with the notion in mind that it takes lifetime to learn all the features of uploading the content correctly. But any type of application needs time to learn. There are help sections in each CMS to help you diagnose and solve problem.

  • CMS is not for Small Business- Small business owners do not think CMS is apt for them as they don’t have much content to update. Although, CMS can help small businesses to streamline content placement as the staff can control content from central location which can save time. When in future your business turn from small to big you obviously need a CMS, so it’s better to maintain it from beginning.

  • Working with CMS doesn’t require a developer- CMS are designed in a way to make website development becomes quicker and easier without the requirement of any developer but if you desire to customize your website as per your requirements then you got to have a developer by your side.

  • Only Text updates can be made easily in CMS- CMS not only help to update Text content but also other contents like images, videos, page layout, menu items, sidebar widgets etc. A good CMS offers lot of flexibility for you to add or edit giving you a freedom to create media-rich textual content to reach a wider audience. When it comes to making a choice of correct CRM it is important that you keep in mind all the myths and facts about them so that your website doesn’t seem outdated. If you also know any of the facts or myths that you would like to share with us, then do let us know in the comment section. We would be happy to hear. Additionally, if you are searching for an affordable CMS development company then you can go to Dean Infotech who will provide you right guidance at great price.

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