Marketing or Sales – Which One is Better for the Growth of a Company?

Dean InfotechDean Infotech Thursday, September 5, 2019

Marketing and Sales are like two pillars that give foundation to any business firm whose purpose is to increase revenue. A successful company is the one which knows how to attract more enquiries through its strategies and convert them into advantageous leads and at the end generate larger earning. Both sales and marketing departments serve a company in its own different ways using different tactics. The question is who is more responsible for the actual success of a company- Sales or Marketing? Let’s look into the working of both the departments deeply for a better understanding.

How does a sales department work?

Sales department or team makes good techniques and strategies to close the sale at a great price. This process is quite pressurizing as they need to keep in mind the requirements of the client as well as the profits of the company. Sales are completely based on interpersonal interaction and they are liable of offering the product or services and negotiating the price and helping the client understand the terms of business. Sales process includes various steps like Prospecting, Qualifying, Proposal, Handling Objections, Closing and Follow-up or Referrals. But Sales is actually the end result of Marketing.

 How does a Marketing Department work?

Marketing refers to precise planning, implementation and control of business activities that helps to bring together both buyers and sellers. The companions of marketing include advertising, public relations, social media, relationship marketing, brand marketing, viral marketing and direct mail. The very first step is to analyze a customer as a generic group and grab the foremost opportunity to convert it into a successful business deal. Marketing department has to look into how to promote their product or services by analyzing the market, distribution channel, competitive services and sales tracking. In nutshell, marketing team takes the first step in persuading the prospect of the company.

 Who is the solely responsible?

Concluding the result in the favor of one department would be absolutely wrong. As mentioned earlier they are the two pillars of a firm which is a self-explained statement saying, the absence of any one pillar can collapse a business firm completely. Marketing and Sales have to work hand in hand as the weakness of any one department can cause serious losses to a company which they cannot afford to bear. The balance of both helps a company reach the peak of success.



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