How to Use Whatsapp and Instagram for Your Business Growth

Dean InfotechDean Infotech Tuesday, August 27, 2019
How to Use Whatsapp and Instagram for Your Business Growth

Social media networks and mobile apps have changed the way and for many businesses it means adopting these technologies to reach their target audiences. As highly popular mobile applications, Instagram and Whatsapp have billions of users globally and businesses are using these apps as a part of their communication solutions. These applications allow users to share unlimited video, audio messages and text for free. These are the two leading social media optimization channels in terms of growth of a business and 70% of the internet users between the age16 to 64 are regularly using these apps. 5 proven Instagram and Whatsapp marketing strategies or steps that can help to grow your sales and user base of your business are as follows:

  • Always offer relevant content for free – Instagram and Whatsapp have very high engagement rate, even higher than Face Book. It means you just need to provide users, excellent content on relevant topics to make sure that they are engaged with you.

  • Link your social media accounts – Before you start posting on your Whatsapp groups and Instagram accounts, always make sure that your Whatsapp and Instagram profile is properly set up, having a brief description about you and your business. Also link these accounts with other social media accounts to grow the user base of your business.

  • Run contests – You can also hold campaigns and contests that can attract more users to your Whatsapp group and Instagram page. For example – you can ask users to comment, like, share or use a specific hash tag, which can expose your page and brand to more Instagram users online.

  • Post consistently and during optimal times – When you are consistently posting for a week and then disappear for a month, you might lose some of your followers. So, always remain active on Instagram and Whatsapp. Also, post during times that are most engaged.

  • Research your competitors – In addition to post consistently, you must always take a look at what your business competitors are doing. Find out the type of content your competitors are publishing on their Whatsapp group and on Instagram page.

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