Dreamforce 2022: Major Highlights

Dean InfotechDean Infotech Friday, October 28, 2022
Dreamforce 2022: Major Highlights

Dreamforce comes to mind when people talk about innovation, community, and inclusive growth. Dreamforce 2022 was very innovative and made it simple for companies to provide better customer service than in previous years.


Dreamforce was pleased to celebrate 20 years of education and enrichment for everyone in the Salesforce ecosystem with 150,000+ online attendees and 40,000+ in-person delegates. In response to the worldwide pandemic, Dreamforce has changed its focus to serve a virtual audience using Salesforce+, Salesforce's new streaming service.


Highlights Of Dreamforce 2022


●  The primary keynote address by co-CEOs Marc Benioff and Bret Taylor introduced the event and announced the move of Marketing Cloud to Hyperforce for improved integration.

●  Attendees learned during an engaging webinar how cutting-edge organizations utilize Marketing Cloud personalization to effectively provide site visits that foster meaningful consumer experiences at this crucial online touchpoint.

●  Celebrities, activists, and global athletes like Jennifer Hudson, Matthew McConaughey, and even Jane Goodall, DBE, were among the knowledgeable speakers at Dreamforce 2022 who inspired the audience with their personal experiences.


3 Major Announcements Made At Dreamforce 2022


Salesforce Genie

One of Dreamforce 2022's most significant announcements was the Salesforce Genie. Previously restricted to Marketing Cloud alone, the new Customer Data Platform is now integrated throughout the whole Salesforce platform.


18 AppExchange partners were included in the announcement as part of a single AppExchange Genie Collection. Neustar, LiveRamp, and Criteo were the three partners that the business advertised.


Slack Innovations

In a beta release, Salesforce unveiled the new Slack Platform. Additionally, it provides developers with reusable building blocks to design workflows and organizational solutions.


With a closer connection to Salesforce, Canvas's capabilities go beyond Quip's, enabling users to create workflows that utilize the material within the channels. New additions to Slack's huddles include multi-user screen sharing, video, and message threads.


Net Zero Marketplace

Intending to make it simple for customers to work with eco-entrepreneurs on a transparent carbon credit platform, Salesforce launched its Net Zero Marketplace. It is also included in the Salesforce Winter 23 release, which aims to incorporate Salesforce Net Zero Cloud to help businesses track and lower their carbon emissions.


The basic unit of carbon credit providers was created on Commerce Cloud and includes South Pole, Cloverly, Pachama, Native, Climate Impact Partners, and Respira International.


Upcoming Technologies And Products Introduced


Composable API for SDK and Genie

Composable APIs and how they can get data from the Customer Data Platform using a single API request in Apex were demonstrated in great detail. Its main goal is to gather information from many sources and employ Lightning Web Components to design unique user experiences.


Code Builder

During Dreamforce, the recently released code builder generated a lot of buzz. It is an IDE for development that works flawlessly in a browser.


Everyone in the business is anticipating Salesforce Dreamforce 2022 and the variety of announcements it will feature.


External Encryption Ecosystem

When Salesforce wanted to expand Hyperforce into additional regions but ran into more strict data residency restrictions, they established the new External Encryption Ecosystem. Salesforce can "give the key over" to the client using cryptography, giving them complete data control. It's a tremendous chance that will let Hyperforce work in harder-to-reach areas.


Final Take

Set aside time to develop new relationships, look into new prospects, and record new knowledge that can be used. If you can capture the power of Dreamforce, it can endure the entire year! Set aside time to develop new relationships, look into new prospects, and record new knowledge that can be used. If you can capture the power of Dreamforce, it can endure the entire year!


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