Benefits of Google’s Latest Mobile-Friendly Algorithm

Dean InfotechDean Infotech Tuesday, July 16, 2019
Benefits of Google’s Latest Mobile-Friendly Algorithm

The usage of mobile devices has grown up with an explosive rate showing the potential this handy device has to offer in near future. Around 60% of world’s total tech-savvy population uses a mobile phone that undoubtedly fuels the aspects of having a responsive website design.

With Google rolling out its latest mobile-friendly algorithm, Responsive Website Designing Services in India is gaining momentum. If your site isn’t mobile-compatible the chances are that it won’t appear in Google’s top search pages.

In order to help you in designing mobile friendly website here are a few tips to follow:

Get an overview of Google Analytics: It is of paramount importance to dig deep into Google Analytics to get an insight into your website. This will help you figure out the behavior of the customers on your site, understand their needs and how well your site is able to engage them.

Ensure your design approach is right: After analytics, the mobile configuration is the second thing that you should pay attention too. Consider these three ways to optimize your site for mobile-responsive website designing, separate URLs and dynamic serving. Any of these methods can be chosen as per your convenience, the most important being a responsive design that fits all screen sizes.

Keep navigation simple and user-friendly: Some website owners do not pay attention to navigation, which is disastrous for the website. If users aren’t able to navigate your site properly, they won’t take time to switch to another website. Hence, keep the search and other tools simple and your friendly.

Make videos available for mobile devices: Unlike desktop PCs, mobile devices have less memory and aren’t compatible to run videos fast. Add easy to load images and videos. In place of heavy JavaScript libraries, make use of standalone JavaScript. Cut down images and files that take a lot of time to load.

Make your mobile site visually appealing: Building your mobile friendly site becomes purposeful if it’s visually appealing. Users are attracted towards beautiful things easily; hence, add tools and utilities that are visually attractive.

Test your site after development: In order to make a mobile friendly website, it is important to check the site’s functionality properly. Testing a site is the best way to ensure its functionality and usability.

Consider these ideas and let your mobile-friendly site attract more customers towards your products and services. Experience the power of mobility and leverage on its benefits.

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