6 Reasons Why Every Company Need a Responsive Website

Dean InfotechDean Infotech Monday, August 12, 2019
6 Reasons Why Every Company Need a Responsive Website

Trend reports have estimated that 60% of the website traffic will be accessed by mobile devices in the coming years. With the increasing number of mobile traffic coming from different sources, it is essential to have a responsive website to optimize its performance for a better user experience and functionality. Now clients want a mobile version of a website to access it easily from their smart phones which must be compatible with all screen resolutions. A website employing responsive web designing techniques will have significant impact on the appearance and execution of the website on mobile devices. You can get a responsive website if you hire a responsive website development company that can make your website look beautiful and mobile-friendly.

What is responsive design?

Responsive design means resizing and reformatting the website design to optimize user experience and design. It means that the design and development of a website should respond to the user’s device screen size, orientation and platform. In other words, responsive website is a website that should have technology to respond automatically as per user’s preferences. The search engines like Google also prefer responsive website design and it has also resulted in increased SEO which help potential customers to find out you easily.

Here are some of the most important reasons to consider responsive website design:

  • Responsive websites loads faster: The mobile users who are often on the go like to get the information quickly. Generally responsive websites load faster than a desktop website. Longer your potential customers wait to access the site, more likely they will look somewhere else.

  • Super flexible: Responsive web design works freely across all screen resolutions and all types of devices.

  • Cost-effective: Having a single website that works similarly on all devices is better than having two separate websites. Development of one website costs less than two. The websites designed solely for mobile devices don’t offer advanced technology found in traditional designs and users have to maintain two separate addresses to access the sites. It is inconvenient for everyone. But the responsive website sends all the visitors to a single site no matter whether they are accessing it from their mobile or desktop.

  • Recommended by search engines like Google: Google states that responsive web design is recommended as it is much easier to manage single website to share information and content rather than having a separate website for mobile.

  • Easy to manage: Having a separate website for mobile and desktop users requires different SEO campaign. Managing one site is far easier than managing two. This is the key advantage of having a responsive website rather than a separate mobile website.

  • The future is mobile: If you are not providing mobile-friendly user experience to the customers, soon they will bounce off to the competitor website whose site is easy to use and responsive too.

Have you taken a responsive web design for your website? Have you seen the benefits after changing your website to responsive web design? If not then upgrade your website to a responsive design and see the changes. You must go for a professional responsive web development company offering high-end websites to provide you with the maximum ROI. Search online for them to find out the best one offering services at cost-efficient prices.

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