5 SEO Tools That Help You Rank No. 1 On Google

Dean InfotechDean Infotech Wednesday, July 10, 2019
5 SEO Tools That Help You Rank No. 1 On Google

When you go online you will find many tactics and tips that will help in the growth of your business. One of them is Search engine optimization which is an important part of business promotion. It gives the brand required recognition and keeps it in view of the potential buyers. For efficient web optimization an entrepreneur needs SEO tools. However, only top SEO tools can serve the purpose satisfactorily. Have a look on few of them!

Quick Sprout

Quick Sprout is an SEO tool that tells you where you are going wrong. Firstly, it scans your website for search engine optimization and checks all aspects including Alt tag, keywords, image tag etc. Secondly, it help you fix those errors, additionally it will also suggest you the keywords that must be used. The best part about it is that you don’t have to know coding for all these tasks; it will fix everything on its own. In nutshell, it will help you grow your site traffic, optimize your content and keep track of which pages are growing and which need more work.

Yoast- WordPress plugin

Yoast is the most robust WordPress Plugin that helps you optimize your website with Google Search Console & rich snippets along with fixing crawl errors. It is available in both free and paid version, every time you post a blog it will suggest you the right title tag, meta tags etc. You can show people a different title and different one to Google. You can optimize each of your blog post to get maximum amount of traffic. Adding on, it also creates a site map for each of your published blog.

Google search console

Currently popular by the name of ‘Google Webmaster’, Google search console is a tool that helps you learn a lot about your website and the people who visit it. It tell you about number of impressions, number of click, which pages are popular and which keywords are getting lot of impressions but not clicks. All this information helps you to make necessary changes in the keywords and tags that can help you gain better visibility and ranking thereafter.

Google trends

As the meaning of the word trend suggests- what’s popular! So is the work of Google trends. It helps you track what the world’s web searchers are looking for in both real time and non-real time. You can even compare more than 2 things or subjects and track the changes in the preferences within passage of time. This service is often used by researchers and journalists who use the data to report on major events happening around the world, and their impact on culture. The services provided by Google trends now include search data from verticals such as Google news, shopping, Images and YouTube.

Screaming frog

The Screaming Frog SEO Spider is a website crawler that allows you to crawl websites’ URLs and fetch key onsite elements to analyze onsite SEO. The primary benefit of Screaming Frog’s Spider is the ability to search for and filter various SEO issues. You don’t have to have a deep knowledge of SEO to figure out what is and isn’t done properly; the tool will help filter it for you. It can find bad redirects, Meta refreshes, duplicate pages, missing Meta data, and a whole lot more.

In nutshell, you have an army of SEO tools that can help you fight with all your optimization troubles. If you would like to know more about Search Engine Optimization or need any advice related to same, you can contact Dean Infotech which is an affordable SEO company that provides best services and on time delivery of projects.



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