How to Make Money with Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing is a huge potential source of customers, traffic and profit for your business. In next five years, more than half of the current internet users will be accessing the web using mobiles and other handheld devices. It not only enables people to connect to internet through their cell phones, but also strengthens various […]

How to Use Whatsapp and Instagram for Your Business Growth

Social media networks and mobile apps have changed the way and for many businesses it means adopting these technologies to reach their target audiences. As highly popular mobile applications, Instagram and Whatsapp have billions of users globally and businesses are using these apps as a part of their communication solutions. These applications allow users to […]

PHP VS Java – Which Is More Secure

Which language is better – PHP or Java? Both Java and PHP are integral and pervasive to the modern web. Since they can be used to achieve some of the same tasks, no two languages prompt as much debate over relative weaknesses and strengths. In both languages there are frameworks designed to create web applications.  […]