How to Optimize Website with Real-Time Google Penguin 4.0

In September 2016, Google launched much the awaited real time Penguin 4.0 update. Now it’s real time in Google algorithm, that means it’s updating constantly. This update has dramatically changed the way the search engine evaluates the quality of content and penalize website with spammed profiles or content. High-quality links are awarded and the questionable […]

6 Tips How to Boost Sales on Ecommerce Websites

The World Wide Web has completely changed the way people buy and compare anything, from a hairpin to LED TV. Several ecommerce websites have entered into the arena of online shopping to compete with the big brands. But it is highly important to remember that increasing traffic and sale on a website doesn’t cost much. […]

6 Reasons Why Every Company Need a Responsive Website

Trend reports have estimated that 60% of the website traffic will be accessed by mobile devices in the coming years. With the increasing number of mobile traffic coming from different sources, it is essential to have a responsive website to optimize its performance for a better user experience and functionality. Now clients want a mobile […]