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Salesforce Sales Cloud Implementation

Salesforce Sales Cloud is a universal CRM that can help in meeting specific business needs. It is tailored to your industry and your business. Sales Cloud implementation aims to automate the sales process, assisting both sales managers and reps. It helps in creating a well-structured sales process, shows how it is followed, provides extensive customer details, and maintains efficient customer communication through different channels.

With Salesforce sales cloud implementation, you can see a positive ROI. We provide Salesforce sales cloud automation, implementation, and customization services with all the custom functionalities to build the application right according to your business. We also offer integration services of Salesforce sales CRM with other third-party platforms.

You can plan better with real-time data. Combine real-time data with all the intelligence of what has come before so you can provide sales with the clearest picture and the best chance of success. Being of the sales cloud consulting providers, we go beyond a traditional CRM solution with a system of recommendation that guides sellers to the best course of action. With Salesforce sales cloud providers, you can focus on the highest priority deals at the right time.

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Get Customized Salesforce Sales Cloud Solution

Our team of sales cloud consulting providers executes robust applications using all the aspects of the framework. With the best features, we help our clients to achieve their underlying goals. Dean Infotech is the right partner for you to provide the right sales cloud Salesforce features. We make your business faster and smarter by selling from anywhere, anytime. We also gather meaningful data from the insights of your business.

Sales cloud applications Salesforce helps you to get a 360-degree customer view and create a personalized experience for your customers. We have the best sales cloud consultant on the team who can align your sales, marketing, and services at every stage. We also apply artificial intelligence and Einstein Analytics to your sales cycle. We are one of the best sales cloud Salesforce companies and thus we have in-depth knowledge and expertise. We help your business reach heights in a more accelerated, optimized, and effective way. Connect with us for the best salesforce sales cloud pricing.

Some Of Our Services Include:
  • Create better sales plans using the right data
  • Provide a comprehensive customer profile
  • Use the tools that help you grow
  • Extend the selling experience to partners
  • Master signals across sales and marketing
  • Content Personalization
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Sales cloud is customized to meet the business need. Cases are also utilized to handle the customer issues. System is being used by 1000+ users across the USA and Canada. Integration done with native applications and other business partner’s web system. Automated the web-to-lead to get the leads from various channels. Extensive data migration done from existing CRM, Finance, HR and other Web Systems. Scheduled jobs are created to synch the salesforce with finance system. Third party tool is used to pull the data from salesforce into SQL Server.

Custom application is built by using some out of box features to maintain the campaigns and integration with web based systems. Knowledge management is enabled across the org. Custom events are created and given a feature to map multiple account and their contacts using google map. Complex hierarchical reports are created using visualforce pages.


Better Salesforce Bigger Possibilities

At DEANINFOTECH, we provide Comprehensive Salesforce Implementation services for delivering extensive improvements to your own business. Using our expertise and understanding of the Salesforce, we deliver a professional service that helps you really make the most of this powerful platform.


The world’s number 1 Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform - Salesforce is cloud-based software with an approach to manage all interactions with your customers and prospects. It empowers the employees to make more sales and serve the customer like never before. Check out our salesforce services and get started:-


Manage and analyze all your customer activity in one place with a suite of web-based CRM software.


Serve each customer with the unique needs and processes with customer-centric services delivered on mobile.


This platform delivers robust, scalable and flexible infrastructure to empower IT solutions.


Embark on new fortune teller strategies by monitoring the implicit and explicit behaviour of transactional needs.




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