10 Important Tips to Increase Website Traffic without Building Links

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In the current web scenario, link building has lost its shine that it had in the past. The effect of latest and innovative changes in search engine ranking requirements is that link building is not a crucial and decisive criterion anymore. It is one of the definite ways to generate traffic, but it’s not the only choice you have. There are many powerful ways, apart from link building, that can drive more organic traffic to your website, generating more customers for you and can help your website to rank at the top. Following are the top 10 tips to increase your website traffic without building links:

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  1. Maintain quality of your content – Receiving massive search traffic is not all about building links. It is more about the quality of the content. If your content is high quality, then your probability of ranking higher in Google results pages are equally high.
  1. Update regularly – You also need to keep updating your website with appealing and fresh content regularly. Most of the search engines prefer sites that update regularly. If you don’t update content regularly, your content will be outdated and the users to your website will drop.
  1. Promote through videos – It is the best way to get traffic to your site. Upload your video, optimize it and provide the appropriate descriptions, titles and tags.
  1. Improving website speed – Improving your website’s speed not only helps in visitor’s satisfaction, but it also has a direct influence on your website ranking.

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  1. Mobile responsive website – Apart from speed, if your site is not configured properly for mobiles and smart phones, it might result in lower Google search results for mobile queries.
  1. Expanding your international audience – The opportunities for appearing in international search results are more than staying within your own borders.
  1. Give priority to audience – One of the best ways to make your site attract traffic is to create a sharable, user friendly, fast and responsive website. The quality sites always score and they don’t need to build links to move forward. Moreover, priority must be given to the audience which in turn can increase your search traffic.
  1. Social annotations with Google+ – Content shared regularly through Google+ often ranks higher in search results and is visible to everyone on the web, which in turn leads to increase in search traffic.
  1. Snippets Add Appeal – When you optimize the videos with snippets of information like songs, videos, events and breadcrumbs etc, you can easily generate website traffic with fewer bounce rates.
  1. Create infographics – Regularly sharing interesting and well-structured infographics can increase your search traffic significantly. If infographics provided by you are helpful, people will also link to it.

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