Top Mobile UI/UX Design Trends to Rule in 2022

Dean InfotechDean Infotech Wednesday, March 30, 2022

Designers have started creating websites as art or interactive projects to capture the fleeting attention of the online masses. Staying on top of the latest web design trends is the best way for web designers to make sure they are prepared. Design elements and the features, which were once captivating might have become boring and dull in recent years. The last thing you want as people arrive at your site is to lose conversion because your website doesn’t look up-to-the-mark. If you are still not updated about the UI/UX design trends, which can help you rule in 2022, then here are some exciting trends to follow: 

Mobile UI/UX Design Trends to Rule in 2022     


1. Micro Animation 

Micro animation, as the name suggests, is small animations. Micro animations are extremely beneficial when it comes to guiding the users through their interactions with your website. They can also add a hint of liveliness to your site. Micro animations are popular for the last few years, but this year, it will be all about using them organically. Even e-commerce sites are using micro animations to enhance user experience and provide the shoppers a taste of their products. 

2. 3D Illustrations 

The line between virtual reality and reality is confusing. 3D effects and strategies in the 2D space are good examples of this in action. The designers these days are exploring every 3D element, from animations and illustrations to scenes created with photographs and objects. These illustrations can add 3D effects and intensity with shadows and simply the right notion in the innovative procedure to bring interesting UI/UX design trends 2022. 

3. Dark Mode 

The dark mode is one of the best popular trends in UI/UX design for 2022. It is trendy as it provides a low-contrast application or website, which one can easily browse through the low light environments. It helps one highlight the particular content type. In addition to it, the dark mode works as a battery saver and it provides your device with a cool and modern appearance. 

4. Retro Revolution

As the advent of the internet becomes a distant memory, the new web designers are taking inspiration from the early days. The Web 1.0 of the 90s was characterized by bright background colors, visible table layouts, and robotic typefaces such as Courier. The young and talented web designers are reviving this trend with the added benefit of collective design experience. 

In the 90s, it was a display of unnecessary gimmicks, graphics, and colors but at that time web designing was not even a profession. The designers have learned a lot since then and reined in by the industry standards to bring magic to UX design trends. 

5. Creative Scrolling Experiences 

Being one of the most common types of engagements a user makes with a page, scrolling is one of the best opportunities for animated interactive feedback. For 2022, the scrolling experiences are getting bigger and better than ever by taking the visitors on imaginative journeys. Scrolling animations are not new, but the main motif of this trend is to captivate the visitor with a unique experience. Using psychedelic imagery, parallax effects, and even breakthroughs, you can see a great transformation. 

6. Art Deco Motifs 

Art deco motifs combine well with the geometric designs that have been trending over the past few years. Though the people’s first association with art deco style might be decorative sites or themed wedding invites, it can make for beautifully minimalist designs. This year’s trend takes motivation from the fresh, twisted lines and alluring graphic shapes of art deco illustration and architecture. These elements can easily inspire beautiful logos, fonts, spacer motifs, borders, and illustrations. Art deco combined elements from the natural world with modern elements like bold lines, symmetry, simplicity, etc.

7. Oversized Typography 

Typography has seen a lot of changes in the past few years. This year's UI design trends are all about the unusual size to bring fresh and bold designs. At a certain size, words become a part of the graphic element than simply part of the copy. This versatile method can be used in simple or maximalist designs just as efficiently and can suit many different styles. 

8. Abstract Illustrations 

Illustrations have been used in web design for many years, yet abstract illustrations, in particular, are continuing to rise in popularity. Well, they offer designed with a unique opportunity to mix and match different mediums for some interestingly unpredictable results. 

Organic textures add a unique look and feel to the whole experience. Hand-drawn scribbles offer familiarity, mixing, and matching that offers endless possibilities. Take a look to utilize ultra-thin lines and quirky graphic shapes. 

9. Gender Neutral Designs 

Previously considered just being considerate, gender-neutral designs are standard. Creating a baseline of convenience for all visitors is the first phase in looking beyond societal norms. For example, pinks are not just for women and skulls are not just for a male audience. Simply put, the designers are avoiding any assumptions about the gender of the audience. It is not increasingly common to offer multiple gender options. Even in e-commerce, different sites are becoming more inclusive by not sorting clothes by gender. 

The Bottom Line 

The web design trends for 2022 represent another step forward, but on the internet, that’s nothing new. The future moves quickly in our current age and digital designers often pave the way. But what makes these trends feel revitalizing is their focus on creating delight. 

Whether they are bringing back a forgotten decade, alluring the user with interesting animations, or offering some creativity, this year’s web design trends aim to stimulate a transitory sense of wonder, no matter how eccentric their approach is. 



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