Top 5 Trends in Mobile App Development that will amaze you completely

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Mobile App Development company In India

The world is now at the level where you will find technology at every place. Traditional gadgets have now been replaced by smart gadgets and thus making our work easier than we could imagine. Talking about the smartphones which are now a bar of chocolate to everyone that comes up with different flavors and attractive packing i.e. Trendy Apps and stunning looks. The mobile and web technology tools are evolving and changing in a rapidly according to fashion. On one hand, there are diverse mobile apps such as video streaming, schedulers, chatting apps, online game etc and on the other hand, the growth of online consumer awareness has led to fussy and unpredictable taste.

This is just the beginning; future of mobile app Development is far bigger and better! Here are the top 5 trends in Mobile App Development that you cannot miss.


1.) Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality (AR & VR)

IOS mobile Apps Development Company In India

Augmented reality is the software that showcases our present reality with additional objects.  It is in its experiment phrase and is mainly related to gaming industry currently which you might have witnessed in games like Pokemon go, Sky Siege, iOnRoad, and myNav.  Virtual Reality on the other hand is completely artificial; created based on a situation or on true events. AR and VR applications will grab the healthcare, manufacturing, travel education, real estate and retail industry in the coming year.


2.) Artificial Intelligence

IOS Apps development Company In India

Artificial intelligence is no longer a buzz but the way it is being used surely is! Apple Siri, Google Now and Prisma are familiar to all. The improvement in them is quite impressive. The time is not far when you will experience their creativity and intelligence in predicting and a lot of stuff including diet, movies, music and much more according to your mood. AI is also proven to provide powerful insight to every business corporate around the world.


3.) Wearable Devices

Wearable Device

Wearable devices which were earlier in imaginations are now in reality. The sales for them were estimated to be 310 million by the end of the year which would show a much higher raise by the year 2020. The ratio also predicts that demand of wearable devices across all age group will show an astonishing hike. A lot of companies have already starting conquering the market; these companies include Apple, Google, Xiaomi etc.


4.) M-Commerce

Mcommerce App Development In India

The techno-savvy world has turned trade transaction more easy by using electronic means. You will no longer have to carry your cards along. It has been forecasted that mobile commerce will reach its revenue of 700 billion US dollar which is almost half of its business transaction currently occurring in Asia.


5.) Cloud Computing Apps

Cloud Computing app Development Company in India

Cloud computing apps will play a pivotal role in the shaping the future of Mobile App Technology. It allows a developer to create an app that can run on every Smartphone using the browser regardless of screen and platform. This will be a revolution as the phone will require less internal memory and the traffic on cloud storage will surely rise.

These are few mobile app trends that would change the future of mobile app development and cause of a lot of current technology to turn obsolete. Stay updated with the trends and prepare yourself beforehand to stay ahead in the race of technology.


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Rating: 4.8. From 6 users.
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