Top 20 Facebook Tools That Will Completely Transform Your Social Engagement!

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Facebook has gained a lot of popularity in the recent few years; it is not only used for social interaction but has become a platform for business promotion worldwide. Facebook is transforming day by day proving its dynamic power to adapt change of daily life. Gone are the days when a business owner had to work really hard to set a good business and promoting it all around the globe.

Top 20 Facebook Tools - Dean Infotech

To your surprise strategizing a great campaign and marketing you business online are now made easy by Facebook. Today we will be discussing on various tools that are dedicated towards maximizing the efficiency of your effort, engaging with the followers, tracking your analytics, managing your ad campaigns and suggesting you about what content to be published.

The tools are categorized in different categories. Let us discuss on each category one by one

Facebook Advertising Tools- Advertising is the most popular and affordable strategy used by a lot of business owners to gain more engagements and generating higher leads effectively, efficiently and quickly. There are certain Facebook Advertising Tools that are developed for the aid of business owners.

Top 20 Facebook Tools - Dean Infotech

  • AdEspresso- This is a powerful tool to analyze and optimize the Facebook ads. You are free to create A/B test and use it for critically analyzing and optimizing your ad strategies.
  • Adroll- This is a re-targeting and prospecting tool that works across devices and platforms. All you need to do is place your ad and monitor the results.
  • Driftrock- The tool helps the business to keep upper hand over their competitor and gain more lead and convert them into sales.
  • Hootsuite Ads- This is the best way to manage and optimize your Facebook and Instagram ads. It helps you boost your budget and sync the leads to your CRM or Marketing tool.
  • Wordstream Calculator- it helps you to find out whether you’d reach enough people through advertisement, what will be the exact cost and whom should you target.

Facebook Management Tool– Management is an important aspect of social media, therefore these tool are developed to tackle and manage your facebook pages, track your mentions and publish or schedule updates for your page. Here are few marketing tools that will help you.

Top 20 Facebook Tools - Dean Infotech

  • Agorapulse­- It is a full-suite management tool for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social sites with which you can do a lot of tasks including messaging, publishing, scheduling, tracking shares and mentions and much more.
  • eClincher- It can be also be used manage your social media. You can use it for Suggesting content to share, social media analytics, tracking mentions etc.
  • Mavsocial – It is a tool basically focused on visual content that manages social media marketing, monitor conversations, checking analytics and using stock photo library to find numerous images to share.
  • Sendible-This tool is useful for agencies as well as businesses. You can effortlessly publish and schedule updates, fetch opportunities and check or manage mentions.
  • Oktopost- Mainly used for B2B companies to handle the social media marketing and all its other aspects.

Monitoring Tools- These tools are used to track the facebook shares and mentions with on of the following social media monitoring tools.

Monitoring Tools - Dean Infotech

  • Carma- The tool covers all forms of media I over 100 different countries. The monitoring can be done on all major social platform, in multiple languages, and receive automated social media analytics reports.
  • Mention- You can use this tool to monitor mentions and identify the sentiment behind the mentions to discover brand ambassadors and social media influencers. It also provides an advantage of commenting directly in the app.
  • Trackur- this social media monitoring tool monitors the network along with mainstream news. You can easily get information about the latest trends, sentiment and you can also write label for your dashboard.
  • Brandwatch- It also monitors all the web mentions and bring you all the valuable insights into trending topics, demographics and much more.
  • Brand24- Being a Top monitoring tool it can be used to monitor Facebook and other websites- forums, blogs and so on. The results will be quite detailed and understandable.

Analytics Tools- This is the most appropriate tool to understand our efforts and help us optimize our marketing strategies to bring better results in future. Few of them are mentioned below.

Top 20 Facebook Tools - Dean Infotech

  • Quintly- It is the finest tool for people who want to keep a close eye on the social media analytics. With the advantage of customizable dashboard you can track the most appropriate matters and create competitive benchmarking report.
  • Cyfe- It provides you a dashboard to keep track over your marketing with the aid of social media analytics, sales and infrastructure feature.
  • LikeAlyzer- This tool quickly analyses and monitors your facebook page. It is very simple all you have to do is enter the URL of the page in the box and you will get the complete overview of your page.
  • Simply Measured- It is a full funnel social media analytic tool that provides in-depth reporting not only for your account but for your competitors account also. It even tracks the content that is being shared and what is the impact of it over the leads.
  • Wiselytics- This is an update tool that works for both facebook and twitter analytics beta. It brings you all the report including reach, engagement, virality and content optimization in one

These are the few Facebook tools of 2017 that are designed to achieve better results and establish a huge image of your business. Do let us know if you liked this article and share your experience if have used any of the above mentioned tool for any purpose.

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