PHP VS Java – Which Is More Secure

Which language is better – PHP or Java? Both Java and PHP are integral and pervasive to the modern web. Since they can be used to achieve some of the same tasks, no two languages prompt as much debate over relative weaknesses and strengths. In both languages there are frameworks designed to create web applications.  […]

Powerful Content Marketing Strategies for Better SEO for Your Website

Content marketing involves creating and delivering rich and unique experience to the people you are targeting. The purpose of content marketing is to retain and attract customers by consistently curating and creating valuable and relevant content with the intention of enhancing or changing consumer behavior. An effective and well executed content marketing strategy can lead […]

9 Tips to Speed up the Performance of Magento Website

Magento, being one of the amazing feature-rich platforms available today, is providing support for millions of online stores to grow their sales. Search engine Google mainly focuses on the speed of any website in ranking it on the results page. Speed is not only important for Google ranking but it also plays an important role […]