Framework Vs CMS – What is a Developer’s Choice?

Being a developer it is quite a hard to make a choice between a Framework and CMS. What you choose totally depends on the purpose of your website. Sometimes even a highly qualified and experienced developer face a dilemma between the two. Before you reach to the confusion, it is important for you to know the how is the former different from the latter.

Framework Vs CMS - Dean Infotech

Let us first talk about the Frameworks

Web application framework popularly known as Framework is completely based on coding. You need to code for each and every minute detail you want in your website. Coding lovers prefer working with frameworks. Framework is a kind of raw material which requires struggle to turn into a fully furnished product, but the end result is quite satisfactory. The biggest advantage is you can mould it in a way you like with significant time and effort.

Framework Vs CMS - Dean Infotech

Moving on to CMS

CMS (Content Management System) is based on Modules rather than codes. CMS comparatively takes less time than the framework because of the pre existing modules it presents. Any beginner can easily work with CMS and create his complete website without any inconvenience. Assuming that you don’t need have any programming knowledge to create a website with CMS would be wrong. You may have a website but it won’t be that impressive if you lack programming skills. Since CMS is a pre cooked product, you have limited scope of changes that can be made in the website which is a drawback.

Framework Vs CMS - Dean Infotech

Which is the right choice?

Giving a conclusion in favor of any one would be injustice. Choice of framework or a CMS actually depends on- How much time a developer is willing to spend? How much monetary investment can be made to finish a project? What should be the hosting environment? And how flexible do you want your project to be? Figure out the answers of the above mentioned questions and you can easily make a choice between the two.

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