5 Types of Google Featured WordPress Plugins to Make an Outstanding Website

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WordPress(WP) is loaded with features and flexibility along with a lot of functionalities to help you build a unique website according to your desired requirements. But there is one essential thing to cut the bridge between a good and great website i.e. the right plugins. The search engines are flooded with a lot of plugins for your aid; not going into all of them, we will today be discussing few Google featured WP Plugins that will help you enhance your website.

5 Types WordPress Plugins

  1. SEO Plugins: An essential source of traffic on your website is through search engines; therefore it is necessary to make your website SEO ready. There are certain WP plugins that will help in enhancing the SEO of your website including XML Sitemaps for Google, Google Analytics dashboard for WP and Google page speed insights etc. Each of them has a special responsibility to take care of. Sitemaps are meant to furnish search engines with a blueprint of your site having your URLs, alteration dates, priority pages and the like. Sitemap plugins are free and can easily be installed. Google Analytics Dashboard consists of a set of understandable reports and stats along with real-time settings to help you fetch real-time stats in your Admin Dashboard. Pagespeed Insight helps you enhance your website’s performance through advanced data visualization, filtering, tagging and snapshot technology. It also helps to add custom URLs, Desktop and Mobile Page Reports and Scheduled Report checks.

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  1. Social Media Plugins- Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+ has made online sharing and promotion quite easy. You can now add Google+ plugin that helps you to display your rating to people. This plugin helps you to integrate with Google+ which helps you post directly to G+ from WordPress. Yakadanda Google+ Hangout Events is also one of the social media plugins which integrate Google+ Hangout and Google calendar with your WordPress website to help you display the upcoming schedule in your widget, pages, and posts.

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  1. Google AdSense Based Plugins – WP Advertise it is a famous Adsense plugin that enables you to put ads anywhere on your website including posts, pages and/or in the sidebar. You can conveniently reach to your visitor directly through this plugin for selling your ads; all you need to do is create ad blocks and define a specific position and customize it accordingly. This way you can easily earn through your ads at WP.

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  1. Google Fonts Plugins – Every user wants his website to look unique and attractive. One way of presenting your content in a better way is to use Google font’s plugins to insert quality fonts on your WP site. Easy Post Google Fonts, Google Typography, Easy Google Fonts, Google Web Fonts Customizer and Google Web Fonts for WordPress are few of the plugins that can be of huge help for creating custom style sheets to make your website stand out in the crowd.

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  1. Google Utility Plugins – Utility Plugins are meant to make the website more useful, versatile and flexible. We have Google Apps Login plugin that permits Google apps to access your WP dashboard securely. Once the user is logged into his email, he can just click on WP login screen without any requirement for username or password.Google Captcha also known as reCaptcha safeguards your website from frauds and spams. They are efficient for login, registration, password recovery, comments, popular contact forms etc.

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These plugins are made to make the website more user-friendly making it an ideal choice for the users. Although you need a professional to handle your website in order to increase the reach. You can hire the right WordPress Development Company and make your work easier.

Rating: 5.0. From 2 users.
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